1997, CD-ROM

Immemory is the first CD-ROM project by French filmmaker Chris Marker. Marker's recent works have explored computers, multimedia, and non-linearity, traversing the passages between documentary and fiction. In Immemory, Marker charts a haunting journey through memory, cinema, photography, war and literature, tracing an itinerary or map of an imaginary country. This voyage takes us from the "Madeleine" at the intersection of Proust and Hitchcock through an archive of image and text, and culminates as a self-portrait. Marker states that his object was to "present the 'guided tour' of a memory, while at the same time offering the visitor a chance for haphazard navigation."

This CD-ROM is in French. A 160-page booklet, with essays by Raymond Bellour and Laurent Roth, in French and English, is also available.

Conceived and directed by Chris Marker. Producers: Centre Georges Pompidou and Les Films de l'Astrophore, Paris. Editor: Centre Georges Pompidou. Production Partners: Nosferatu, Helsinki; Centre pour l'Image Contemporaine de St Gervais, Geneva.


This CD-ROM was made for computers with Mac 7.5 OS or Windows 95 and will not run on some contemporary computers. Please contact the EAI office before ordering. This CD-ROM is available for educational purchase only.