Prime Time in the Camps

1993, 28 min, color, sound

Marker's concern with war's effect on civilians has been a feature of his work since the 1960s. This politically direct tape looks at the function of media for a viewership that has been stripped of a homeland. In the vandalized ruins of an army barracks in Roska, Slovenia, lives a community of Bosnian refugees. What they know of world events comes from a unique video workshop run by fellow refugees who pirate signals from CNN, Radio Sarajevo, and Sky News. The young production team, most of whom had no prior experience with program making, underline how the warring factions' abuses of media make them suspicious of all news output; at the same time, they exhibit sincere aspirations to provide a genuine documentary of refugee life.

English voiceover and subtitles.

Voices: Robert Kramer, Keja Ho, Mikel Berrier. With the Video Workshop of Camp Roska.


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