Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free

1982, 83 min, b&w and color, sound

Squat Theatre described this piece, which was presented both as a film and as a live show, as "an open journey through situations, styles and moods; an 'Arabian Nights' with heroes and legends written on the New York wind whistling the melody of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.'" The 83-minute video combines drama with documentary, blurring the distinctions between theater and the everyday. In an indelible sequence that typifies the Squat Theatre's idiosyncratic cultural references, the underground pop icon Nico performs a marvelously jaded rendition of New York, New York.

Cast: Esther Balint, Peter Berg, Steve Bloom, Eva Buchmuller, Eric Daillie, Ron Discenza, Vigdis Eriksen, Ken Friedman, Melvitta Grant, Galus Halasz, Kathleen Kendel, Borbala Major, David Oliver, Klara Palotai, Agnes Santha, Gabor Seton-ee, Sheryl Sutton. Camera: Larry Solomon, Peter Halasz. Written by: Steve Bloom, Peter Berg. Music: Jossi Gutmann, DNA. Whistling: Peter Berg. Special Effects: Larry Solomon. Costumes: Eva Buchmuller. Editing: Anna Koos, Larry Solomon. Laboratory Works: Kin-O-Lux, Inc., DuArt Film Laboratories. Sound: Satellite Studio, Pisces Studio, DuArt. Directed by: Squat Theatre. Special thanks to: Mickery Theatre, Ritsaert ten Cate, Amsterdam Neon Gallery, Rudi Stern, 10th Precinct, New York Police Department, Mayor's Office for Motion Picture and Television, Independent School, PS3 Annex, Interart Center, Festival der Welt '81, Koln, West-Germany, Ivan Nagel, Louise McCagg, Michael Mehiman, Mark Fisher, Harvey Viehos, Donald Blank, Mudd Club, Rock Lounge, Defunkt, Lounge Lizards, James Chance, Luther Thomas Dazz, Johnny Dynell.