Andy Warhol's Last Love

1978-81, 60 min, b&w and color, sound

How did Andy Warhol meet Ulrike Meinhof? By Chance. Ulrike Meinhof is one of the legends of our age. Her personality is just as tragically failing as Warhol's. Completely his opposite, she turned politics into tragic poetry; she had to meet Andy Warhol, who turned exhausted art into daily food. The artist who gained freedom in complete unity with the existing world and the revolutionary who did not find freedom until death — they had things to say to each other." Documentation of this live performance includes the film piece, "An Imperial Message," the text of which is taken from a parable by Franz Kafka, depicts the bizarre encounter between the character of Andy Warhol, who rides horseback through the city streets, and Ulrike Meinhof, played by the child Eszter Balint, known later for her performance in Jim Jarmusch's Stranger Than Paradise.

Performance Camera: Larry Solomon. 'An Imperial Message' camera: Michel Auder. Editor: Roughcut Studio. Music: Blondie, Kraftwerk. Appearance by Kathleen Kendel as the White Witch.