26'1.1499" For A String Player

1973, 42 min, color, sound

This tape is Jud Yalkut's video realization of Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik's concert performance of John Cage's composition 26'1.1499" For String Player. In this extraordinary performance, which is manipulated and synthesized by Yalkut, Paik and Moorman play Cage's score on a collection of "instruments" that include a pistol, a dish of mushrooms, balloons, a practice aerial bomb, and a telephone call to President Nixon.

A Video Realization by Jud Yalkut of the Concert Realization by Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik of the Composition by John Cage. Video Camera: Jeni Engel, Donna Grob. Video: John Godfrey. Sound: Knut Olberg. Thanks: Frank Pileggi, Shridhar Bapat.