1981, 46:02 min, color, sound

As an early pioneer of the music video, Julia Heyward presents a long-form "video album" with 360 that was released just a year prior to the birth of MTV. Heyward's ten songs (recorded with Jody Harris of The Raybeats and The Contortions and Don Christensen of The Raybeats and Bush Tetras) are interspersed with her familiar a cappella-like monologues, for which she appears as a child, clown, or in a pig's mask. The "album" was to be distributed on the then-emergent format of videodisc, but was never released as such, which speaks to the shifting fields of obsolescence and new technology.

Written and made by Julia Heyward with the assistance of Peter Fletcher, Lieann Halfon, Trace Rosel. Music by Don Christensen and Jody Harris. Lyrics by J. Heyward. Music produced by Don Christensen at Sorcerer Sound.

Don Christensen: Drums and Percussion; Jody Harris: Guitar; David Hofstra: Bass; Dan Klayman: Keyboard; Julia Heyward: Vocals

Partial financial assistance from: Dorothy Fielding, Rebecca Jackson, New York State Council of the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts

Keep Moving Buddy
Kid: J Heyward; Pighead: J Heyward; Camera: Lieann Halfon

Basic Drive
Camera: J Heyward; Mom: Gail English; Girl: Dana English; Boy on Bike: Chris Phillips; Witch: Peter Fletcher

Intimate Parade Camera: Brian Bailey, J Heyward; Heads and Bodies: Andy Moses, Charles Lane, Tony Grey, Bill Wurtz, Vivian Miller; Family:Anne and Kim Preston, Peter Fletcher.

Organ Grinder Performer: J Heyward; Camera: Halfon/Heyward; Party: Cal Arts

This is a Test
Sponsored by 16/4 Projects at University of California at Long Branch

Talking Bullets
Partially sponsored by 16/4 Projects?Wright State University; Camera: Brian Bailey, Julia Heyward; Gunman: Pat Irwin; Monkeyhead: Trace Rosel; Targets: Students at Wright University

Rise and Fall
Robed Figures: Jim Rusk, Peter Fletcher; Russia/Woman on Bear Skin: Vivian Miller; Man: Peter Fletcher; Rise and Fall Segway;16/4 Project Prod; Piano: Dan Klayman

Full Capacity
Camera: Julia Heyward, Astar Reese; Skeleton, Businessman, and Sleeper: Pat Irwin Virgin Mary: L Halfon; Workman: Larry Camp; Dancer: Annen Kaye; Drummer Boy: Tatum Merill

Apocalypso Family: Ann and Kim Preston, Peter Fletcher; Wagon Train: Gail English; Bear: Peter Fletcher; Dancer: Vivian Miller.

ALL SOUND SECTIONS BY JULIA HEYWARD. Post Production at Synapse Video Center. Director: Henry Baker; Engineers: Brian Isaacson, Mark Forker; CMX Editor: Jon Schaer. Special Thanks To: Paul Longendyke, Jackie Ochs and the Human Arts Association, Johnnie Belle and Buck McPhaul, Raeford, N.C, Caroline Heyward, Pat Irwin, Bruce Tovsky, Ericka Beckman, and Dorothy Fielding.