Titles by Beth B


1992, 1 min, color, sound

A chilling cautionary tale, Amnesia is a stark and uncompromising portrayal of the escalation of xenophobic sentiment in the current neo-conservative climate of both France and the U.S.

Producer/Director: Beth B. Camera/Music: Joseph Budenholzer. Post Production: Caesar Video Graphics, Inc. In-House Producer: Robert Buganza. Editor: Scott MacAuley. Assistant Editor: Lynn Gilmore. Sound Mixer: Brooks Williams, Harmonic Ranch. Actors: Beth B., Peg Curtin Harrington, Annabelle Davies, Carl Fudge, Jules Labat, Laura Miles Wright, Elizabeth Mantello, Charles Pinion, Berenice Reynaud, Dominique Richard, Mario Salvucci, Cornelius Shultze-Kraft, Bridit Staudi. Production Assistant: Peg Curtin Harrington.


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1992, 24 min, color, sound