2020, 25:54 min, color, sound, HD video

Commissioned by ISSUE Project Room for their series of “Isolated Field Recordings” streamed online during the global COVID-19 pandemic, April was shot toward the start of quarantine conditions in the US. The video's premiere, which helped raise money for ERASE Racism, took place shortly after the massive public response to the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor by police. The result is a mournful response to "ruptured times."

“Time feels different now. stretching and folding. We feel the Present louder. The NOW is vaster and we are surviving within it, reassuring our children while remaining close to the truth of uncertainty. It is inescapable. The words GLOBAL/// CRISIS /// are scientific and personal. They melt in our chests - we wake up to them and fall asleep with them. At sunrise we hold onto facts, routines, shipping orders, and recipes. At night it can seem like one large existential metaphor. We repeat the same highly localized walks. We are conflicted by the comfort of natural beauty and question our place within it. We are invaders, observers, maintainers. The cities are burning and American Suburbia is anxious; flickering between boredom, isolation, fractured realities, daydreams, gratitude, and sprouting visions for a new era/generation. The images in this recording were filmed in April (2020) with a temporospatial camera custom-made by Douglas Repetto. The sound was recorded in our home-studio at C Flickering with our handmade synthesizers. Blast this noise and flicker set for ruptured times!” — LoVid