Are We All Here?

1985, 50 min, color, sound

Writes Silver: "Jerry loves Jill, Jill loves John, John loves John, and so goes the story of Are We All Here?, a narrative video with a strange twist. Because inexplicably, at the least opportune moment, and accompanied by the ringing of a doorbell, Jill, Jerry and John change into each other. This supernatural occurrence (in a T.V. world of talking cars, large green men and disappearing martians this is known by the word `premise') forces the three `lovers' into a slightly more imaginative solution to their otherwise mundane love triangle."

Writer/Director: Shelly Silver. With: Madeline Barczewska, Charles Long, Craig Stockwell. Camera/Lighting: Jack Walworth. Music: A. Leroy. Sound: Norman Cowie. CMX Editor: Rick Feist.