Titles by Theo Eshetu

Art is Easy

1997, 23:25 min, color, sound

Theo Eshetu records a 1989 Fluxus event in Paris. Shooting with handheld video in a style that is alternately disorienting and investigative, Eshetu captures the performances, which include Charlotte Moorman dunking herself into a barrel of water between cello movements and Yoko Ono smashing a vase onstage and distributing pieces to the audience, with a promise to return in ten years to put the pieces back together. While sometimes wandering into abstraction, the up-close video technique allows a unique, fly-on-the-wall glimpse of a rare Fluxus performance event.

With Ben, La Monte Young, Charlotte Moorman, Keith Haring, Yoko Ono, Joe Jones and the Fluxus Poets. Special Thanks: Sophie Loret-Naumovitz.