ART THOUGHTZ with Hennessy Youngman: How to Make an Art.

2011, 3:33 min, color, sound, HD video

Art Thoughtz with Hennessy Youngman is an episodic, Internet-based talk show in which Musson performs in the guise of hip-hop "art critic" Hennessy Youngman. In a series of short, talking-head monologues, Youngman offers aspiring artists his irreverent views on the contemporary art world, from relational aesthetics and performance art to how to be a successful black artist. Musson uses hip-hop vernacular to critique the exclusionary language of art discourse, hilariously pitting hip-hop and art world idioms against each other in a dual parody of cultural clich├ęs. (Hennessy Youngman's name references both the comedian Henny Youngman, who was famous for his one-liners, and Hennessy cognac, a status liquor in the hip-hop world.) With the Art Thoughtz series, Musson uses YouTube as a platform to expand his audience beyond art institutions and the art world; the series has become a viral video phenomenon.

Hennessy Youngman: "Wutup everybody, this is the Pharaoh Hennessy, back with your best interests in mind. Who needs critical theory when a little bit of some practical type advice will help ya'll out more, right internet? Let's go!"



This work is HD video and must be shown with a 16:9, HD display.
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