Aspects of a New Consciousness, Dialogue III

Camera Three
1969, 30 min, color, sound

This historical document, produced in 1969 for the CBS television program Camera Three, records a fascinating conversation with the influential avant-garde composer John Cage. In a wide-ranging dialogue, Cage discusses aspects of his work, his aesthetic philosophies, his working processes, and artistic strategies. He also comments on the methodologies and references that informed specific compositions, including Variations II and The Williams Mix. This document provides compelling insights into the work of one of the most significant figures in twentieth century music, in his own words.

Director: Merrill Brockway. Producer: Camera Three. Host: James Macandrew. Produced and Directed by: Merrill Brockway. Set Design: Jim Ryan. Technical Director: Gil Miller. Audio: John Locascio. Lighting Director: Paul Saitta. Associate Director: John Livack. Set Director: Ron Kelson. Production Supervisor: Anthony Boschetti.