1993, 10:56 min, color, sound

Callas writes: "This videotape is an electronic rendering of a form of proto-televisual iconomania: the creation of haphazardly sourced private pictoral scrap books or 'bilderbucher.'" Continuing in his frenetic appropriation and re-casting of historical icons and symbols, Callas references Hans Christian Andersen and other well-known texts, transforming history and its foundations into a combustible amalgam.

Original Music Composers, Performers, and Co-producers: Felix Davies, Robert Moss. On-line Editors: Hiroshi Higaki, Satoshi Nagao. Post Production Coordinator: Yoichi Kaajima, Ringworld, Tokyo. Post Production Facilities: Batsu Four co. ltd, Tokyo. Quantel Harriet Fairlight cv1r/t operator: Peter Callas.