Titles by Peter Kirby

Binary Lives

1997, 43 min, color, sound

This illuminating documentary is a comprehensive view of the life and work of Woody and Steina Vasulka, pioneers of electronic art. From the late 1960s in New York, where they founded The Kitchen, to their present home in New Mexico, the Vasulkas trace their involvement with video and their relationship to the technologies they deploy. In fascinating insights, the Vasulkas reveal the sources and philosophical underpinnings that inform their work. For Woody, this focuses on an attempt to expose the inner logic and architecture of the electronic machine, while Steina focuses on images of the world and how they can be manipulated. Shot over a two-year period, this program includes excerpts from the Vasulkas' video works, as well as interviews.

Director: Peter Kirby. Director of Photography: Harry Dawson. Editor: David Adida. Post-Production: Grand Canal Video. Translation: Eric Millet, Rosanna Albertini. Producers: Dominique Belloir-Mirage Illimite Grand Canal, Peter Kirby-Media Art Services.