Bins of Leeds

2013, 10:54 min, color, silent

With this montage of still images, Lampert leads the viewer on a tour of Leeds, the third largest city in the United Kingdom, using the city's trashcans as his guideposts. Here, the refuse and everyday objects—floppy disks, soda cans, styrofoam take-out containers—become sculptural and oddly pleasing. Even as Lampert makes subtle gestures that point towards obsolescence and shifting ascriptions of value as technologies change, he maintains the project's tongue-in-cheek tone that results from its straightforward, no-frills structure.

Writes Lampert: "Tour of garbage cans of Leeds...'Never been to Leeds?' Now you can save yourself a trip with this odour-free tour of the garbage cans and back alleys of the third largest city in the United Kingdom that is home to over 250,000 students."