Blue Desert

2011, 11:59 min, color, sound and silent, HD video

In Blue Desert, Seoungho Cho transforms a sublime natural landscape into a stunning abstraction through precise electronic manipulation. Writes Cho: "Blue Desert is one in a series of ongoing visual struggles with Death Valley, a specific desert landscape which I have worked with since 1992. It is also not the last piece, as I have every intention to continue producing works about Death Valley. Death Valley has been quite simply my favorite place on the earth since my first visit in 1992."

A Video tape by Seoungho Cho. Sound design & concept by Seoungho Cho. Thanks to Sungsoon Hwang, West Sea, S. Korea, 2007-2009, 2011; Daesung Suk, Soonchun, S. Korea, 2007; Byungkwon Kim, Songjung, S. Korea, 2008; Kihyun Park, Death Valley, California, USA, 2006. Studio.90215/New York/2011


This work is HD video and must be shown with a 16:9, HD display.
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