Channeling in 4 Versions

2001, 4:50 min, color, sound

In this restaging of a melodramatic scene from Tommy, The Who's rock opera, Donegan analyzes the ways in which media cannibalizes, revises, and resurrects itself. In Donegan's almost psychedelic rendition, a silver-garbed, red-wigged performer capers in a theatrical non-space of foil, plastic, police tape, and rescanned video images of Tommy star Ann-Margret. In Channeling in 4 Versions, actress Garland Hunter enacts the scene.

Donegan writes: "The 1st version of Tommy is as an album in the 60's; version 2 is a film in the 70's for theatrical release; version 3 is the release on video in the 80's and 90's for home viewing; then, as a video by me, versions 4 and 5."

With: Garland Hunter. Sound: The Who, Ann-Margret, Felt.

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2001, 9:50 min, color, sound