1984, 10 min, color, sound

A woman, a man, and a beach on the North Sea are the basic elements with which André constructs an elegant fiction of a couple, and deconstructs the codes and gestures of desire and betrayal. In her formal, rhythmic compositions, André observes the intimate detail and familiar gestures of the everyday with striking visual acuity. Under her focused gaze, the "story" of the relationship is told through the quotidian context and the peripheral details of the scene: the waves, the striped beach chairs, the woman undressing and dressing become charged with an intensity of mood and meaning, time and place. The conversation between the man and woman is seen but not heard — their dialogue appears as subtitles; the unspoken becomes the text. In André's subtle language of desire, one must read between the lines.

Camera: Luc Beriot. Sound: Paul Delnoy. With: Agnès Muckensturm, Francois Beukelaers. Produced in association with Image Vidéo.