Cultural Soup

1987, 6:55 min, color, sound

Writes McCarthy: "The blending of youth - culturalization, the making of a soup. The son begat the father. The father begat the son. Culturalization as masturbation.

The child as a penis.
Revolving cultural conditioning
Perversion, abuse of innocence
By a corporate father
A heritage that is passed on."

Director/td: Nancy Buchanan. Lighting/Camera: Kevin Brechner. Technical Assistance: Larry D. Jones, Stuart Wesolik. Production/Postproduction: Choice Television. This videotape was funded and produced as part of Open Channels, a program of the Long Beach Museum of Art. Supported by grants from the California Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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1987, 15:03 min, color, sound