Daniel Reeves - Selected Works

1979-82, 21:57 min, color, sound
1979, 6:29 min, color, sound
1981, 9:58 min, color, sound
1982, 5:30 min, color, sound

These three early works trace a trajectory from Reeves' engagement with social and political themes, particularly in relation to the Vietnam War, to the articulation of the spirit in the natural world. In Thousands Watch, Reeves and sound artist Jon L. Hilton construct a tensely accelerating image-processed collage, integrating images of the military, mushroom clouds, and newsreel footage of a suicide in a chilling vision of the destructive potential of nuclear weaponry. Body Count addresses social conditioning in relation to America's culture of violence. Reeves and Hilton juxtapose children's warplay with radio transmissions and news reportage from the Vietnam War, and images of John F. Kennedy, corpses and marching cadets. Produced in collaboration with Aysha Quinn, Arches juxtaposes the stunning beauty of the southern Utah desert with the postcards that supposedly "capture" it, a concept refuted by a spoken and scrolling text that alludes to the living spirit of the land.

Thousands Watch, 1979, 6:29 min.

by Dan Reeves and John L. Hilton. Concept: Daniel Reeves. Editors:Daniel Reeves, Jon L. Hilton. Sound Editor/Music Jon L. Hilton.

Body Count, 1981, 9:58 min.

by Daniel Reeves and Jon L. Hilton. Writer/Producer/Director: Daniel Reeves. Editors: Daniel Reeves, Jon L. Hilton. Music/Sound Effects/Mix: Jon L Hilton. Post-production Engineer: Doug Dunning. With: Miles Decotiis, Fred Carpenter, Barry Dunning, Dawn Dunning, Simeon Furman, Max Ingersoll, Chris Stewart.

Arches, 1982, 5:30 min.

by Daniel Reeves in collaboration with Aysha Quinn. Fiel Production/Woman's Voices: Ashya Quinn.