Darling Child

1993, 1:42 min, b&w and color, sound

Kalin's short video works function both as visual poems and as alternative music videos. With their astute conjunctions of image, music and text, these works respond to issues of sexuality and human interaction in the 1990s.

In Darling Child, Kalin uses an economy of means — spare visuals of an interior space, minimalist music — to create an evocative interpretation of a text by Truman Capote.

"But we are alone, darling child, terribly, isolated from the other; so fierce is the world's ridicule we cannot speak or show our tenderness; for us death is stronger than life, it pulls like a wind through the dark, all our cries burlesqued in joyless laughter; and with the garbage of loneliness stuffed down us until our guts burst bleeding green, we go screaming round the world, dying in our rented rooms, nightmare hotels, eternal homes of the transient heart." — Truman Capote, Other Voices, Other Rooms.

Music: "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy," Brian Eno

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1991-99, 37:37 min, b&w and color, sound