Die Einen den Anderen

1985-86, 21:13 min, b&w and color, sound

Die Einen den Anderen is an elusive observation of self and the other. Odenbach constructs a dialogue of associative metaphors for dualities and confrontations between cultures, identities and individuals. Emblems of German art and culture, theatrical re-enactments, autobiographical references and street scenes from South America are set in opposition by suggestive dividing devices — a swinging chandelier, a pillow tossed between two people. Odenbach himself appears in his home, among his personal effects. A fragmented musical pastiche (Latin jazz, classical, electronic music) that encompasses disparate cultures and historical eras accompanies the disjunctive visual collage of representations of force, difference and otherness.

Scenario: Marcel Odenbach. Image: Marcel Odenbach, Klemenz Becker. Sound: Marcel Odenbach. Editors: Bernhard Eul, Stephan Fehl. Music: Handel, Mozart, Astrud Gilberto, Peter Maloney. With: Martina Heine, Rudi Riegler, Karen Lamassonne, Richard Ulacia. Camera: Klemenz Becker, Marcel Odenbach. A production of TVT, Frankfurt; ZDF.