Digital Video Effect: "Editions"

2006, 11 min, color, sound

This video was created and released into distribution as one work in a solo exhibition that Price held simultaneously at Friedrich Petzel Gallery, Reena Spaulings Fine Art, and Electronic Arts Intermix in New York in September 2006. As a video in the EAI collection, it is the one piece in the exhibition that remains "on-view" indefinitely, after the rest of the show has closed. The video serves as a sampler of Price's editioned videos to date, all of which have been sold through the Petzel and Spaulings galleries in small numbers. Here, fragments of sound and image from the editions have been brought together, yielding a montage that, while bordering on incoherence, provides access to these publicly unavailable artworks. Price juxtaposes disparate authors, editing strategies, and histories, yielding a work in the essay-film tradition, at once lyrical and messy, highly-edited and arbitrarily composed.


In exhibition, this work should be presented in a cinematic situation, i.e. a projection contained in its own room, preferably projected onto a screen, in a black box gallery, with seating provided. Please contact the office for further information.