From the Archives of Modern Art

1987, 18 min, b&w, sound

The archivist attempts to put together the "lost years" of Eleanor Antinova, the once celebrated black ballerina of Diaghlev's Ballet Russe, when she returned to her native America to eke out a meager living in vaudeville and early movies. Her career in America is documented through narrative and dance films, which she made during the Great Depression. The documentary-fiction includes several comedy shorts, spicy farces, a semi-blue movie exploiting her ballerina role, along with vaudeville dance numbers and artistic interpretations.

"The Ballerina and the Poet": Ballerina: Eleanora Antinova. The Poet: Sheldon Nodelman

"2 Untitled Dance Clips": Eleanor Antin. Phil Orlando

"Love's Shadow": Ballerina: Eleanora Antinova. The Lover: Luke Theodore Morrison

"Swan Lake": The Black Swan: Eleanor Antinova. The Prince: James Tackett. Stage Hands: Michael Weix. Robert Keppler

"Untitled (Beach Dance)": Eleanora Antinova

"La Porta Chinsa (The Closed Door)"(fragments): Eleanora Antinova. Production Manager: Lynn Burnstan. Director of Photography: Rich Wargo. Technical Supervisor and Additional Camera: Sherman George. Editor: Lynn Burnstan. Choreography: Elizabeth Weil Bergman. Phil Orlando. Bob Gino. Sets: Roger Sherman. Scenic Artist: Mary Lucas. Hair and Make-Up: Paul Best. Piano: Bob Wiley