Titles by Tony Martin


2003, b&w, sound, Web Project

Extending Martin's early explorations of interactivity into a new medium, Galaxy is a web-based light and sound "cyber sculpture" where elements of varying light intensity, placement, and motion are determined by individual users. The accumulation of individuals' actions forms an on-screen grouping of these elements where real time synthesizes with remembered time. A shared human galaxy is created, continually modulating in shape and spacial configuration.

Galaxy is a work whereby a viewer/user is invited to actively participate in the development of a composite drawing. The drawing continually modulates and changes in character and feeling, depending on the viewer's choices.


By pressing the designated eight keys, A through K, of the middle tier of a computer keyboard, the participant explores his or her own unique influence on the flowing event.

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Requires Macromedia Flash player 6 or higher. Click here for a free download. Galaxy is best viewed on displays running at 800 x 600 pixels.

Digital Media Assistance: Patrick Heilman.
Flash Programming: Peng Chia.

This project was funded, in part, by a Cultural Challenge grant from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.