Health Care: Your Money or Your Life

1977, 58:10 min, color, sound

A dramatic expose on the disparity of health care services for the rich and poor in America, this incisive investigative report exemplifies DCTV's advocacy journalism. With the viewer as direct witness to unfolding life-and-death dramas, this often shocking document contrasts two New York City hospitals: Kings County, an overcrowded, understaffed city-run institution, and the Downstate Medical Center, a well-financed private hospital. With strong, often graphic footage, this indictment of the economics of the American medical system is articulated through the voices of the victimized patients and beleaguered hospital personnel.

Associate Producers: Karen Ranucci, Victor Sanchez. Director/Narrator: Jon Alpert. Produced in association with the TV Lab at WNET/Thirteen.