High Tech Allergy

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
1995, 27 min, color, sound

Produced by the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg in Germany, this piece documents Nam June Paik's installation works of the mid-1990s. Highlights include a conversation with Paik in his New York studio in 1995, as well as an uncanny violin performance by the artist on the doorstep of the Holly Solomon Gallery. Also featured is Paik's monumental installation Megatron in Dusseldorf. Composed of 150 monitors fed by multiple laser-disc players and controlled by several computers, Megatron generates a hypnotic and spectacular cycle of images in constant transformation. With the use of sophisticated digital sequencers, Paik simulates the ultimate spectator experience in the age of hypermedia.

In German.

Producer: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. Producer, Interviews: Uta Grosenizk. Conception, Camera: Volker Schreiner. Narrator: Harry Schmidt. Editor: Christoph Girardet.