How to make the Famous Pisco Sour

1986, 16:10 min, color, sound

Combining computer-generated effects, overlays, Japanese voiceover and English text, Pisco Sour is a fragmented narrative that opposes the conventional use of language to explain "foreign" imagery from a specific cultural locus. In this essay on the duplicity of language, the subtext moves relentlessly away from the imagery so that, except for occasional leaps of the imagination, the final images are merely haunted by the memory of the words. Pisco is a Peruvian drink that comes in a bottle shaped as the head of a drunken Indian, and contains a formula for "the famous pisco sour" -- or, in Callas' words, a "recipe for disillusionment."

Conceived/Directed/Designed by Peter Callas.

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1986, 29:58 min, color, sound