In the Creeks

1984, 59:27 min, color, sound

Part of Gillette's series for Classical Video — tapes designed to act as non-literal, visual interpretations of classical music — In the Creeks is a lush, contemplative study of the natural microcosm of a creek in summer, transformed into an almost abstract, formalist microcosm. The dichotomy between documented realism and Gillette's mediated perception is reflected in the work's painterly interplay of natural textures, pattern, color and form. Using subtle dissolves, in which each image subtly merges into the next, he heightens the sense of natural time. This study in light and movement describes a contained ecosystem, defined within a graceful set of aesthetic parameters, that becomes a metaphorical mirror of cognitive activity. This work is set to the music of Marian Marias' La Sonnerie de St. Genevieve de Mont de Paris.

Music: Marin Marias. Produced for "Classical Video" by Frank Gillette, James Harithas, and Carol Szymanski.