Installation Documentation I

1977-81, 13:15 min, color, sound
1977, 6:15 min, color, sound
1981, 7 min, color, sound

This document of two early installations presents text and imagery from each work. In Barricade to Blue, Myers creates a metaphorical landscape with television monitors, flooding two congruent spaces with blue light. Depicting a transition from mundane reality to a mystical plane, she uses the blue light to evoke associations with "the aroused blue of sexuality... the blue of cold and dying... the transitional blues of the body passing into a state of bliss." Myers describes Dancing in the Land Where Children Are the Light as "a landscape of fiction, a world out of time, a world which has escaped the constraints of physical law." Metal plates and monitors are suspended in an otherworldly, symbolic landscape of curved paths and crushed glass.