It's Cool, I'm Good

2010, 35:27 min, color, sound

In It's Cool, I'm Good, a bandaged and injured protagonist (Kahn), seduces, entertains, harasses and charms a slew of nurses who have agreed to hold the camera. The "patient" is at once selfless and narcissistic, verbose and elusive, vulnerable and manipulative. With a 22-track surround sound audio score and over twenty locations featured, It's Cool, I'm Good reflects a stressed personal state amidst a stressed environment. Economic collapse, urban tension, ecological demise are real and metaphorical contexts for the pressurized state of personal trauma, in this case, represented symbolically by full-body injuries from a mysterious cause. With an inexorable sense of humor, Kahn's protagonist steers the viewer as an enthusiastic tour guide across Los Angeles and its surrounding landscapes, all the while offering a non-stop flow of anecdotes, observations, and advice on how to navigate this difficult reality. Paralleling the ways in which jokes compress and expand meaning, Kahn organizes the narrative along lines of a psycho-emotional unpacking, creating many small arcs in place of one grand one.


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