Kae, Act Like A Girl

1996, 47 min, color, sound

In Kae, Act Like A Girl, Idemitsu continues her experimental narrative exploration of women's roles in contemporary Japan with a tale of feminist awakening. Here she presents a young female artist's conflict with the traditional, patriarchal expectations of women in Japanese culture, in which men are privileged and women are groomed to be wife and mother. Within Idemitsu's narrative, video screens and images represent the protagonist's inner struggle — memories, conscience, familial pressure — as she subordinates and then ultimately achieves her personal and artistic desires.

Writer/Director: Mako Idemitsu. Camera: Toshiyuki Kondo. Lighting: Masahiro Tawa. Production Designer: Sanae Taskahata. Art Director: Hiroshi Wada. Editor: Lori Hisamatsu. Music: Hisaki Yasuda. Assistant Director: Nanae Yamada. Production Manager: Yuko Nagai. Sound: Shinji Suzuki. Executive Producer: Kazuyoshi Yagawa. Producer: Izumi Ichikawa.