Kinema No Yuru (Film Night)

1986, 2:15 min, color, sound

Boldly rendered with rapid proliferations and layers of emblematic, cartoon-like images, Kinema No Yoru is one of a series of works that draw on the iconography of the Japanese children's game "Menko." Callas' Menko Series is based on the idea of the contemporary Japanese use of technology as a form of "territory," a surrogate space actively being "colonized," just as the actual terrain of Asia and the Pacific Territories was colonized during the first half of this century. The accompanying lyrics refer in a pseudo-nostalgic way to the prewar era from which the iconography of the Menko cards derive.

Directed/Designed by Peter Callas. Music: Toshiro Sensui.

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1986, 16:28 min, color, sound