La peinture cubiste

1981, 49 min, color, sound

Commissioned for the French television series Regards Entendus, La peinture cubiste is a multilayered, elusive investigation of the perception of reality and representation through cinema, painting and video. Unfolding as an evocative, implied fictional narrative, this work was suggested by a Jean Paulhan text in which a man experiences and perceives everyday life as though in the multifaceted space of a Cubist painting. Alternating between film and video, Kuntzel and Grandrieux explore physical and psychical perception, constructing an analogy between the way video transforms conventional filmic representation and the way Cubism fractured the perspectival codes of classical pictorial space. Shifting between abstraction and materiality, the real and the imaginary, this work suggests passages between painting, cinema and video.

Co-produced by Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA) and T.F.1. In French.


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