Las Vegas: Last Oasis in America

1982, 22:12 min, color, sound

Las Vegas: Last Oasis in America is an irreverent exploration of this uniquely American city, which thrives on transience and celebrates wealth and instant success. Cohen's tour of Las Vegas includes a visit to the Liberace Museum, where the pianist's brother treats Cohen and her crew to a reverential look at Liberace memorabilia, as well as the casinos where patrons gather with intense concentration at the gaming tables. Cohen portrays a culture of high expectations and inevitable disappointment, exhibiting humor and empathy for the people who win and lose in the money-society of "the strip."

With: Nancy Cain, Bart Friedman, Jody Sibert, Elon Soltes, Tom Weinberg. Editors: Maxi Cohen, Joel Gold, Nancy Cain. Music: Chic. Produced by Video Repetorie, Ltd.