Le Dernier Jour (The Last Day)

1984-85, 6:01 min, color, sound

Of the ritualistic Le Dernier Jour,  Hámos writes: "At midnight on the last day of the year the Hungarians sing the National Anthem. It is a ritual to bid the past farewell and welcome the future. I sang the Hungarian anthem on 12-31-84 in the streets of Lyons. The last stanza declares: 'These people have done penance, atonement for the sins of the past, as well as the future.' This text reveals that the Hungarian people had an extraterrestrial origin. I have translated this cosmic consciousness into images."

Singers: M.A. Hertz, Gusztáv Hámos. In French with English titles.

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1981-87, 25:42 min, color, sound