Lo-Fi Green Sigh

2004, 3 min, color, sound

Shot on location at Biosphere 2 and in the surrounding Arizona desert, Lo-Fi Green Sigh is a playful pastiche of science fiction movie conventions, scored to ominous electronic drones. Lucas' student collaborators don makeshift space-suits and play badminton among the cacti, while Lucas herself scans the electromagnetic spectrum with an antenna fashioned from a vegetable steamer. With its retro-futuristic architecture, eerily artificial interiors, and otherworldly landscapes, Lo-Fi Green Sigh merges B-movie science and science fiction, with echoes of Roswell, alien life, and extra-terrestrial feedback.

Starring: Lan Thao Lam, Lana Lin. Support from NYSCA, Jerome Foundation, Experimental TV Center, University of Texas in Austin.