Lost in the Pictures

1985, 4:06 min, color, sound

In this contemporary "day in the life" of an average computer programmer, Almy depicts the dissolution of social dichotomies—public/private, labor/leisure, reality/fantasy—through TV's reception in a culture spellbound by its images. Almy builds a picture of delirium in a dazzling scene in which her protagonist daydreams as he watches TV, and, like Alice through the looking glass, gets "lost in the pictures" of a multi-dimensional televisual space. Experiencing each passing picture plane as a sensual surface, he is absorbed into a phantasmagorical plenitude of media images, brought to life by Almy's digital-processing technologies.

Music: Gregory Jones. Lyrics: Max Almy. Voice: Cullyn Anderson. Producer: Teri Yarbrow. With: Ross Decker.