Lunar Rambles: Fulton Fish Market

Terry Fox
1976, 32 min, color, sound

The Lunar Rambles series documents five unannounced performances by Fox in five outdoor locations in New York, which took place over the course of a week. In each of the downtown sites, which ranged from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Fulton Fish Market and Greenwich Street, Fox would play a large metal bowl and a parabolic steel plow disc with a rosined violin bow. The resulting tapes were then screened each day as part of a larger installation at The Kitchen. In each piece, Fox's ritualistic performance is observed by a distracted camera, which also scans the surrounding urban landscape and passersby. The near-ambient, droning sound, together with Fox's minimalist performances within the mid-1970's New York environment, result in oddly mesmerizing studies of time and place.

Courtesy of The Kitchen Archives.