Marx: The Video (A Politics of Revolting Bodies)

1990, 27 min, color, sound

Kipnis writes: "A postmodern-experimental-revisionist bio-pic on Karl Marx — this is Marx after the collapse of Communism, after feminism, after Freud. Based on Marx's letters to Engels, which were largely concerned with the state of his own body, it recounts a body continually erupting with painful boils and carbuncles into new and grotesque configurations (all the while Marx was writing Capital and anticipating social revolution, it was his own body that was in revolt). The body becomes the site of displacement, both for the thwarted revolution and for the problematic issues of sex, subjectivity and the role of women (outside production) deleted from the public-sphere Marx-in-theory."

With: Chuck Kleinhaus, Denise Myers, Felicia/Todd Frame, Kathleen/Keith Kitsemble, Dale Ray Robinson, John Fiske, Colin Cameron, Gina Calise, Tara McNally, Tricia O'Kelly. Narration: John Fiske, Yvonne Schofer, Murray Smith. Camera: Chuck France. On-Line Editor: Marilyn Wulff.