2000, 7:31 min, color, sound

Melange is a videodance by Merce Cunningham and filmmaker Charles Atlas, created over September 30 - October 2, 1999 during the filming of Atlas’ documentary Merce Cunningham: A Lifetime of Dance.

“The videodance comprises a series of excerpts that alternate between the austere/minimal geometric spaces of INA Studios, Brysur-Marne, and the urban industrial landscape outside Les Frigos, an artists’ squat-turned-contemporary arts complex in Paris’ 13th Arrondissement. The scenes feature choreography that would later be incorporated into Cunningham’s dance titled Interscape (2000). The music likewise comprises selections from environmental sound recordings materials recorded for John Cage’s Instances of Silence (1982).” — Merce Cunningham Trust

Choreography: Merce Cunningham. Music: John Cage. Costumes: Suzanne Gallo. With the participation of The Merce Cunningham Dance Company. Dancers: Cédric Andrieux, Lisa Boudreau, Thomas Caley, Holley Farmer, Maydelle Fason, Jean Freebury, David Kulick, Koji Mizuta, Matthew Mohr, Banu Ogan, Daniel Squire, Jeannie Steele, Derry Swan, Robert Swinton, Cheryl Therrien. The Cunningham Dance Foundation Executive Director: Sheldon Schwartz. Company Manager: Trevor Carlson. Stage Manager: Will Knapp. Assistant to the Choreographer: Robert Swinston. Assistant Company Manager: David Pini. Coordination Artservice International: Benedicte Pesle, Julie George. Assistant Director: Martine Robert. Editing: Gsetan Le Martelot. Photography: Jacques Pamart, Jacques Gaudin. Sound: Anne Louis, Pascal Rousselle. Lighting: Claude Pezet, Bernard Maupin, Patrice Weyland. Grips: Edouard Mazzocchi, Christian Pluyaud. Construction: Jean-Claude Massoule, Antoine Crosse, Michel Renaud, Michel Merlin, Jean Verbracker, Hamza Kacimi. Makeup: Michéke Carnintrand. On-line Editing: Daniel Ricard, Stéphanie Mée. Color Correction: Giovanni Zimolo. Sound Mix: Corinne Gigon, Laurent Thomas. Stills: Patrick Bensard, Nicole Bouron. Production Manager: Liane Willemont. Assisted by Aline Sasson. A Co-production: La Sept Arte, Unité de programmes Spectacles, Gabrielle Babin Gugenheim. Producer: Isabelle Mestre, INA, B.B.C. Executive Producer: Bob Lockyer, Thirteen/WNET, N.P.S., with the participation of Centre National de la Cinematographie. Executive Production: Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, Directopm des Programmes de Création: Dana Hastier. Executive Producer: Sylvie Blum. Thanks Jean-René de Fleurieu, D.C.A. Philippe Decoufle, Lahlou Benamirouche, Cinémathéque de la Danse, Nicolas Villodre, Laura Kuhn. Directed by Charles Atlas © La Sept ARTE-INA-BBC-Thirteen/WNET-NPS- 2000