Merce by Merce by Paik Part One: Blue Studio: Five Segments

Merce Cunningham and Charles Atlas
1975-76, 15:38 min, color, sound

Blue Studio: Five Segments is a groundbreaking work of videodance by postmodern master Merce Cunningham and his then filmmaker-in-residence, Charles Atlas. In a series of short pieces choreographed and performed specifically for video space, Cunningham is multiplied, overlaid and transported from the studio to a series of unexpected landscapes. Cunningham's gestural dance is manipulated to the accompaniment of a disjunctive audio collage that includes the voices of John Cage and Jasper Johns.

by Charles Atlas and Merce Cunningham Special Thanks: Synapse, Synapse University, Bob Burns, Lance Wisniewski, Henry Baker, Carl Geiger, Carolyn Broquet, Curtis Davis, Aquarium Stock Co., WGBH TV, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Museum Open House, Rick Hauser, Radio Television Francaise, Carolyn Brown, Finnish TV, Marilyn Bedford, Dore Ashton, John Ashton, John Sanborn, Roy Gallon, Kate Parker, Shrider Bapat, Electronic Arts Intermix, Performing Arts Foundation, Oscar Baily, Norman Bauman.

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1978, 28:45 min, color, sound

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