Oh, Rapunzel

1996-2008, 24:17 min, color, sound

Set in a decaying estate in Philadelphia, Oh, Rapunzel recasts the life of the artist’s mother, Annie Lloyd Condit, through the beloved titular fairytale. The video begins with a question posed by the artist: “Mother, why didn’t your mother like you very much?” Condit re-envisions an emancipatory plot for Rapunzel as a young woman navigating the expectations and perceptions associated with a maternal bond.

By Cecelia Condit. With Dick Blau. With music by Stephen Vogel. Director: Cecelia Condit. Music: Stephen Vogel. Screenplay: Dick Blau. Lyrics/Camera: Cecelia Condit. Editor: Cecelia Condit. Dick Blau. Sound Design: Bill Berens. Cast: Flora Coker, Alison Freding, Olga Miliaeva, Francis Ford, Chuck Quarina.