On Tour

The Wooster Group and Ken Kobland
2001, 62 min, color, sound

This portrait of the Wooster Group on tour follows the experimental theater company over six days as they install their production HOUSE/LIGHTS in Glasgow in 2000. Photographed and edited by longtime Wooster Group collaborator Ken Kobland, this experimental documentary exhibits both intimacy and precision in capturing the details of cast and crew interactions, equipment set-up, and rehearsal. The Wooster Group's stage production of HOUSE/LIGHTS, directed by Elizabeth LeCompte, combines Gertrude Stein's opera libretto Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights with Joseph Mawra's 1960's B-movie classic, Olga's House of Shame. The Bessie- and Obie-award-winning production toured throughout the world.

Photographer/Editor: Ken Kobland. Choreography: The Wooster Group. Additional Choreography: Trisha Brown w/ Diane Madden, Helen Eve Pickett w/ The Company. Performers: Kate Valk, Suzzy Roche, Roy Faudre, Ari Fliakos, Tanya Selvaratnam, Helen Eve Pickett, Sheena See, John Collins. Director: Elizabeth LeCompte. Set: Jim Finlay. Camera: Phillip Bussman. Sound: James "J.J." Johnson, John Collins. Music: Hans Peter Kuhn, John Lurie. Lighting: Jennifer Titon. Costumes: Elizabeth Jenyen. Text: Gertrude Stein, Joseph Mawra. Stage Manager: Clay Hapaz. Company Manger: Kim Whitener.