Program 1. Four Performances by Abramovic

1975-76, 60 min, b&w, sound

Art must be beautiful, Artist must be beautiful, 1975, 14:05 min, b&w, sound
Freeing the Voice, 1976, 14 min, b&w, sound
Freeing the Memory, 1976, 15:19 min, b&w, sound
Freeing the Body, 1976, 9:08 min, b&w, sound

Program 1 documents four of Abramovic's solo works, exercises in which her body is the vehicle for a rigorous testing of the self — violently brushing her hair and her face, vocalizing until she can no longer breathe, intoning a stream-of-consciousness flow of memories, moving to a drumbeat until she literally drops from exhaustion.

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1975-1980, 4:16 hr, b&w, sound