Rare Performance Documents 1961-1994 Volume 2

Nam June Paik
1961-94, compiled 2000, 18:37 min, b&w and color, sound
1961, 1:42 min, b&w, silent
1975, 6:12 min, b&w, sound
1975, 1:37 min, color, silent
1978, 2:56 min, color
1991, 1:19 min, color, sound

Newly restored, rare performance material from Nam June Paik's personal archives, including many collaborations with Charlotte Moorman, are featured in two remarkable volumes. These documents trace the evolution of Paik's eclectic and at times eccentric performance work over three decades, from a haunting, silent 1961 film (Hand and Face) to a 1994 tribute to John Cage at the Kitchen in New York.

Volume 2 features rare documentation of performances by Paik, ranging from the iconic Violin Dragging (1975), to his pioneering turntable composition Fluxus Sonata and a 1991 collaboration with the hard-core band Bad Brains.

Producer: Stephen Vitiello. Editor: Seth Price at Electronic Arts Intermix. All footage courtesy of Nam June Paik.


PLEASE NOTE: Allow extra lead-in time if you are planning a public screening or exhibition of Nam June Paik's single screen video works. All such orders must be forwarded by EAI to the Paik Studio for their agreement before any event can be confirmed.


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