Reifying Desire 5

2012, 8:51 min, color, sound, HD video

Reifying Desire Five features sensuous inventions of Satterwhite's mother's design. A reclining water seat holds five still 3D models of idealized black female nudes, postured in the manner of Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. Flying above in a silver jumpsuit, Satterwhite spills digital globules of incendiary bubble bath labeled "Pussy Power" onto the women's enlarged pubic hair, then animates their bodies with multi-hued lasers. Transported to another realm, one of the women encounters a man who applies "lipstick for between the legs" to her. Consequently she sprouts an enlarged male member spraying digital Jacolbys, which another man eagerly spoon-feeds to himself.

By queering his mother's fantastical re-imaginings of culturally proscribed self-care products as well as art historical representations of black female sexuality, Satterwhite pursues what he has described as an alternative, utopian space for performance.


This work is HD video and must be shown with a 16:9, HD display.
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