Remy/Grand Central: Trains and Boats and Planes

1980, 4:18 min, color, sound

Commissioned by Remy Martin for a public exhibition in Grand Central Station in New York, Remy/Grand Central is an advertisement with a deconstructive twist. In a syncopated collage of appropriated footage (including a TV commercial for Sergio Valente jeans) and a young woman drinking Remy on a commuter train platform, Birnbaum calls attention to how mass media advertising uses a woman's body as a vehicle for selling products. In a stylized pastiche that she terms "a snack-en-route with a pretty girl, animated trains, updated Bacharach muzak (Brazilian style), and pouring Remy," Birnbaum turns the tables on the media's use of woman as commodity.

Camera/Production Assistance: John Sanborn. Music: Burt Bacharach. Musical Arrangement: Clarice Taylor, Kelvyn Bell. Audio Mix: Bruce Tovsky. Sound Mix: Burt Brathwaite. Recorded at Brathwaite Studios, Brooklyn, NY. Post-production mix rough edit: Merc ? Video Cuts.Videotape Editor: Dave Pentecost. Commercial Footage: Sergio Valente. Created for Remy Martin by Dara Birnbaum.