2006, 12 min, color, sound

Thornton describes Sahara/Mojave as a "little trip to Hollywood via North Africa, circa 1900. I hone an 'aesthetics of uncertainty' to question our understanding of the real." Here Thornton pairs two disparate media sources, a collection of vintage erotic North African postcards and video footage that she shot at Universal City, Los Angeles. The images are overlaid with a dense audio collage that includes the narration from an archival documentary on the Sahara and the Bedouin people of North Africa. The result is in an elliptical inquiry into culture, history and representation.

Shot in Los Angeles and Universal City by Leslie Thornton. Postcards from Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco circa 1900 - 1930's. Montage: Thornton. Special Thanks: Lili Chin, VOOM HD Lab.