Shame On You (24 Coats)

2002, 9:53 min, color, sound

Hodel tries on a huge collection of coats, of all varieties and colors, drawing them one after another from a pile on the floor.  Continuing her experiments with pacing and time, Shame on You plays out backwards, which turns the procedure into a mad, stilted dance, all accompanied by eerie drums and bells.

Hodel writes, "Shame On You is a video about a woman and her love of beautiful coats. 24 bodybags lying on the floor, a coatrack with 24 black hangers. Under a pile of luxurious coats, Hodel appears; she walks like a magician around the mountain of these coats, one by one they jump from the pile to her and then onto hangers."

Camera: Ursula Hodel. Music: Stephen Vitiello. Editor: Carlton D. Bright/Harvestworks.